I use my +25 years of management, business and investment roles to provide coaching, advising and investing services. In the last 10 years, I coached +200 executives to become better leaders, advised +250 founders to create a successful startup, and invested in dozens of local and international startups.

To better serve my clients, I enhanced my business skills with formal studies in psychotherapy and coaching. Every year, I offer +100 hours of mentoring and coaching in most of Romania’s pre-acceleration and acceleration programs. I have extensive experience in strategy, management, and growth, areas of critical importance for startup founders. I am a huge fan of anime, science fiction, and board games.

My vision

I want to create a world where anyone can build a small business and improve the society around them: more entrepreneurs, more social impact, and more happiness.

My values

My mission

I will create learning ecosystems for anyone who wants to become an entrepreneur, starting and growing successful companies while enjoying their life and providing meaningful jobs to those around them.