The consultant spent over 20 years understanding and solving the customers’ needs. He has 17 years of international experience in working effectively with people at all levels of Multinational Corporations. He, also, accumulated 12 years of management experience in leading heterogeneous teams of professionals, improving business and maintaining collaborative relationships with customers, suppliers, partners and employees. For more than 9 years the consultant has worked in top management positions in global and local companies. Moreover, he founded several companies in the last 18 years.

The consultant has spent the last couple of years helping over 300 individual clients to improve their professional life, using his own methodology, and mentoring over 70 startups in creating a sustainable business from their passion, using the Lean Startup methodology. Also, the consultant designs and delivers customized learning and change programs (training, workshops, lectures) to various organizations and individuals, in accordance with their growth needs.

Professional Qualifications

Authorized Trainer and Coach, BS in Psychology, BS in Physics, NLP Coach Practitioner, Systemic Coach Practitioner, Brief Therapy, Strategic Therapy, Systemic Therapy, Non-Violent Communication, and over 25 years of various international sales and leadership training.

Skills and Specializations

Executive Coaching, Executive Mentoring, Business Development, Strategic Planning, Conflict Management, Change Management, Organizational and Culture Management, Lean Startup

My services

The consultant provides mentoring and coaching sessions that guarantee immediate results, as each session has its own objective. Also, personalized “homework” is involved in order to produce long-term cognitive and behavioural changes.

The professional services provided by the consultant are: