Alex Dragan

I met Dragos two years ago at a presentation held at my university. I asked him for a book recommendation after his speech. From all the stories I’ve heard, his impressed me the most. A simple book recommendation has turned into an authentic mentoring relationship. He is currently guiding my steps to make the transition to the entrepreneurial environment.

I consider myself a very disciplined, proactive software developer, with a hunger of success. Dragos’s successful career and example inspired me to become better at my job and to learn useful things that could bring me closer to my goal of starting my own business. As a conclusion of one of my meetings with Dragos, I started learning online marketing and experimenting with e-commerce.

Dragos saw my potential, motivated me and made me feel confident about myself. He is very capable in finding solutions, in setting milestones and he is very aware of my progress. I am grateful for his trust and support and I am sure that, because of his mentoring, I will get where I want.

About Alex

I consider myself a hard working web developer, hunger for success on personal and professional level. I enjoy learning new things every day because I like to go to bed a little wiser. I aim to become an entrepreneur and have the opportunity to visit the whole world.

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