Alexandra Dragomir


I felt that my passion for coaching deserves more time and energy. I was afraid to accept that this is my vocation. I was doing what I love as a part-time. Dragos came into my life to show me that I deserved to make my passion for coaching, my vocation. He was my mentor, but beyond that, Dragos was and is that honest friend who cares about you and makes you challenge yourself. He didn’t always tell me what I wanted to hear, but brought the dreamer in me, back on the ground.

Dragos’ mentoring was like the kick in the butt given at the right time. Thank you!

About Alexandra Dragomir

I am a women who after 5 years of volunteering, 2 years of managing an HR department, the experience of founding a promoting agency and other nice named functions, I allowed myself to accept that my true calling is represented by coaching. Now, I offer coaching, arts and crafts workshops, storytelling through photography, I paint, I longboard, I don’t believe in secrets and I love everything that I do.