Alexandru Petrescu


When we were in the idea-stage of our business and were putting together a detailed business plan, we realized that we needed to reach out to a professional for some guidance and validation.

In our case Dragos was that professional and his input at that early stage of development was enlightening.

You could say that he shook us into a state of wakefulness because we were dreaming. Dragos helped us see that our initial plan implied an unnecessary amount of risk, as the investments we were planning to make were larger than they needed to be and our efforts to validate our product on the market were insignificant. So with that input in mind we went back to the drawing board. In a short amount of time we found a way to scale down our initial investment and at the same time we began testing our product again and again with the people who we wanted as clients until we had a desirable product and a fanbase that gave us the validation we needed.

For us, that meeting with Dragos resulted in a leaner and meaner business model. For me personally, that encounter also resulted in a friend, a squash partner and a professional consultant that is always available in my contacts list.

Oh, and by the way, I am now the co-founder and manager of Sunday Bagels and Coffee, one of the freshest and coolest brands on the Bucharest food scene.