Alice Teodorescu


When I was tackling with the idea of finding someone to help me organize myself, I was quite reluctant to the coaching/mentoring “stuff”. That was until I met Dragoș and his no bullshit attitude. He involved all the resources he had in the process and I could finally understand what I wanted from my professional life, while also gaining a lot of good questions to ponder upon and making every meeting a fun, sincere and highly productive experience. Dragoș helped me make a very important shift in my life, as a freelancer. In the end, I didn’t gain just a mentor, I gained a friend. And, as a plus, now we share a profound passion for Japanese animation. ?

About Alice Teodorescu

Creative writer with +7 years of experience and +500 articles signed and delivered.

Social media specialist with +5 years of experience and +50 strategies efficiently developed and/or implemented.

Media researcher working on a PhD with focus on globalization and Japanese popular culture.