Andra Munteanu


The ‘no bullshit’ description is the best way to describe our collaboration with Dragos. In key moments, his guidance has always been direct, honest (no matter the cost), objective and really healthy for our project.

Dragos has the gift to support you, understand the global aspects of your startup and ask the right questions for you to make the best strategic decisions and clear your mind. Especially in times of struggle, when you are overly subjective or have reached a road block – which happens often when growing a startup.

Working with Dragos has certainly been the fastest and healthiest ROI we could have, which I wish for all of you out there, considering being his mentees.


About LIMITLESS Total Body Makeover

In 2012, the first year of LIMITLESS Total Body Makeover, our startup was for sure a pioneer in the Romanian wellness landscape. No one created a total body makeover program before, which would address the target audience with not only solutions, but real time results for what they needed in their life.

This was a huge opportunity, but also a challenge to solve. Throughout the years, the founders managed to have great victories in this regard, like no other startup on the market, but also faced specific issues that they needed to find innovative solutions to.

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