Andrei Tudose


We are a lot of people in this world and a small part of them we call our friends, but only some of them are special for us. For me Dragos is one of the special people I know. Our relation transcended mentoring or coaching. He was there to listen and guide me to my power. If you look for a person to push you to the level you want don’t contact Dragons but if you want to get in touch with your inner wisdom and energy don’t waste any more second, get in touch with him and see if it works for you.

About Andrei Tudose

I left Romania in 1999 and went to GERMANY as fresh IT engineer. I’ve spend there almost 6 years working in big corporations. It was about expanding my visions and possibilities. Although my corporate career was rising promising in 2006 I realized that my current success was not in line with what my life is about.In 2006 I went back to Romania to discover my business development strengths. I also started my conscious way to personal development. In 2008 I left the corporate world and invested and partnered a local IT company. I also co-founded my first community

I woke up one morning and I said to myself: “Andrei, you are welcome to this life, please enjoy!”. In 2012 I did my exit from the IT company and founded I also started where I host my events, my blog … it is the place where I deliver myself.