Angi and Alex Stan, Founders


We are Angi and Alex Stan, and in 2013 we launched our passion project : – Wacky Gifts.

Dragos was our partner in a time when our business grew faster than we expected, and helped us have a general overview of our business objectives and plans. We implemented what he recommended and we managed to keep growing.

Dragos also helped us choose the web developer that created our new website in 2016 – we won first prize for best online gift shop in Romania at the e-Commerce Gala Awards.

He is friendly, involved and pays attention to every detail. Every work meeting is relaxed and once it’s over, you’re fully energized and enthusiastic.

If you still don’t know Dragos, now’s the time to meet him!


About Mindblower

Hey! We are Angi and Alex. We’ve been together since 2007 (when did time fly?!?),  we love to laugh and make other people laugh, we love coffee at the office and Mondays are our favourites.

Angi – I love cows, people tell me I have a nice voice on the phone, I’m always calm and smiling.

Alex – I’m a Starcraft fan (I watch the Korean competitions), I’m a perfectionist, watching every detail, sometimes a bit too much..

We make a super team, because we complete each other and support each other, especially for our passion project – Mindblower.

How did it all begin?

In our group of friends, we were responsible with gifts. Always. Every time it was somebody’s birthday, everyone gathered the money, but no one considered suggesting or buying the actual present.

What we discovered in shops didn’t really click with the friend’s personality. You must’ve experienced that yourself, right? There were little creative products, to really „wow!” you, and we felt like we bought the gift out of obligation. So it all ended with a not so enthusiastic Thank you… from the birthday girl or boy. Hmm, sounds familiar?

We truly believed that it can be better, to find truly wow gifts to match the personality of your friends and loved ones, something wacky, to make them say with all their hearts: “This is cool! Where did you find it?”. So we started Mindblower.