Antonio Iftimescu, Founder

Coftale Coffee Shop 

First of all I want to mention that Dragos is very energetic, sometimes overwhelming, with a vast experience not only in the start-up/scale-up space but in the career development area too.  He had a highly successful career reaching the “top of the food chain” and now he uses his experience and expertise in helping entrepreneurs starting/developing their business.

Second of all, he may sometimes come across as sloppy or not truly listening to you but this happens due to his resourcefulness in finding solutions to your problems,  ideas, planning the next steps and setting milestones/objectives for you to follow.

If you want a mentor that is “comfortable” and agrees with you in order to validate your ego then Dragos is not fit for you. If you want someone that puts you to work efficiently, with whom you can have a real debate and truly feel that you make progress from one meeting to another, then I highly recommend Dragos.  

About Coftale

Coftale Coffee Shop (Coftale = coffee + tale) is the first specialty coffee shop in Bucharest that started telling the story of specialty coffee from December 2012. Located in an interbelic house near the city center, in a quiet neighborhood, Coftale is one of the pioneers of the third wave coffee in Romania. Thru it’s focus on education, quality and customer service, Coftale helped coagulate a coffee lover community that is growing exponentially year by year.

It’s mission is to change the status quo of coffee, dictated for so many years by the big coffee brands and traditional cafes, by helping it’s guests discover the complex aromatic profile of a high quality coffee brewed on high quality equipment.