Casandra Bischoff


In partnership with Dragos your only choice is to be fast, lean, and passionate. This is how he is and this is what gets activated in me whenever we meet.

It is an honor to work with him. I have not found such intelligence, ambition, empathy, depth and trustworthiness in any business person I have worked with so far. In the beginning I wanted to learn from his sales experience; we ended up in what I call “real” meetings – a space of expansion through conversation that always ignite my creativity and energy to move my business forward.

I have a dream: in the future, this is how business people will always meet and work together!

About Casandra Bischoff

Casandra Bischoff is a passionate team & executive coach who has accompanied and facilitated the process of growth for teams and individuals in the last 8 years, in industries like banking, insurance, energy, advertising and the public sector. In her 18 years of work she has experienced almost the whole spectrum of institutional settings, from large multinational organizations to medium and small businesses, international financing organizations, central and local government, academia and NGOs. Her clients were based in Romania, Serbia, Hungary, UK, Belgium, Poland and the United States.