Catalina Azamfirei


My collaboration with Dragos started in March 2013, when he launched the message that he wanted to create an instrument for every person who needed to test a project idea, involving the community to support that idea as well. He had a great personal story: at his birthday party, not too long before, he managed to make his friends offer both in kind and money (totaling 20k lei) support for 4 projects proposed by citizens of Bucharest. At the first work meeting, we developed an initiative group who actually became the founding team for the social entrepreneurship crowdfunding platform. As with all the startups, the beginning is full of challenges and unknown bits, but the pragmatic business experience that Dragos held, helped us a lot. From him, I started learning the Lean Startup methodology, which presumes that every step of the way, an idea must be tested and validated by potential clients. It is a philosophy that Dragos integrated in other aspects of his life, as I have often seen him as a vocational mentor in his coaching and counseling sessions. Another quality that Dragos possesses: he enthusiastically and generously shares all his know-how with others.

About Catalina Azamfirei

Catalina has a strong education in marketing and communication, with over 10 years of experience in the corporate sector. During the last years, she returned to the non-profit sector, as part of a development team for social entrepreneurship projects. She strongly believes that in order to grow a community, one has to personally get involved in order to find sustainable solutions for the current social issues. Her latest initiative is being part of the founding and development team of the crowdfunding platform, dedicated to social entrepreneurship. This initiative led her to another idea – developing and delivering national training programs so as to support designing successful crowdfunding campaigns.