Ciprian Cretu


Everything that I worked with you on, helped me guide my thoughts in order to obtain the performance I desired, in all that I wanted to do. My perseverance, motivation and optimism levels grew. I learned that you can develop a business and you can make money out of anything, if you really love what you’re doing and you use your passion. It’s important to believe in yourself and to fight until you get where you desire, because nothing in life is mere coincidence.

About Ciprian Cretu

I am a young man, tall, 1.82 cm with chestnut hair and blue eyes. The smiling, happy and social type, I am always willing to meet, explore and learn from the successful people around. I am also an optimist, but with a touch of the past still lingering. Honest, big-hearted and without a superficial attitude, I feel alive when passion and motivation combine at their highest levels.

I’m the adventurous and free guy, who doesn’t like routine. I love a good challenge and I usually seek them.

I don’t like hypocrisy, lies, and I try to surround myself with people I can learn from, so I can constantly develop in the best way.