Claudiu Ludosan, General Manager


What is life with a Business / Life Coach? Let me summarize that:

When we started I just kicked off a freelance project named Creative Luggage!. Not long after, I transformed it into an Agency, opened an office, got my first employee. Coaching went on, I grew, my company grew to 18 strong. I paused coaching for a while. Didn’t take care of myself, my mind, my spirit, my body so I got sick, my business took a wrong turn, my life went the same way. Always tired, always over worked, frustrated, without money and with problems and challenges at every corner.

So I decided to make a COMEBACK. I started training my body & my mind, I restarted training with Dragos, got also a therapist to dig deeper and discover my true self. Business became authentic, I got surrounded only by fine people, challenges didn’t stop but I faced them differently, my health was in the right place. And so, I decided to merge my company with a fellow partner. We became ERKA!, we are 43, we are also present in Paris, France, we’re worth over 1,5 million euros and we are developing some of the finest campaigns on the European market.

Now I work with Dragos closely and we center on peace and prosperity. Challenges come and pass but I’m more focused on being well and constant in my training and coaching.

Interesting to read my description above, when I summarized it in a few lines seems everything went by so fast, like we’re discussing history and just a day in a life, but what you see above are 9 years of hard work and personal development. You can make it on your own, I’m sure of it, you only need time. But if you ask me, I would get a business coach, a therapist and  a sports trainer and you will make it there much faster. If you worry about the money…don’t, it will come along the way.