Cristina Eremia


I have worked with Dragos in the beginning of my entrepreneur career and I can say he is a great mentor, combining high human qualities with solid business acumen, relevant life experience, diverse and extended training.

He brought clarity upon the qualities I own, thus increasing my self-esteem. He explained in simple steps what I can do to develop my business and encouraged me to take my life into my own hands.

He has a quick, sharp mind tackling every issue you need to overcome. He is very open and honest, very emotionally intelligent, a man who learns constantly and teaches others all the important life lessons he has experienced.

He gives constantly the treasures of his heart. He can sustain you in discovering the light from your own shadows, thud owning your personal power, and knowing your self beyond masks, wounds and social conditioning.

I warmly recommend him for his capacity to give relevant knowledge for your own goals and development, practical guidelines to develop your start-up, give emotional support and deep self-knowledge.

About Cristina Eremia

Cristina Eremia is a Career & Relationship Coach with main studies in NLP Coaching and Organizational Gestalt, Team Coaching and art-therapy, having graduated the Faculty of Psychology in 2003. She has more than 12 years of work experience within consultancy and multinational companies in HR field, having coordinated organizational development processes, training, assessment, recruitment and talent management programs.

She works with clients from many industries: FMCG, Telecom, Pharma, Oil & Gas, IT, Banking & Finance.

Since 2008 she has been focusing on life and organizational coaching, specializing in career development, team efficiency, and relationship growth.