Dan Cristea

I know Dragos for more that 3 years. In the last year we worked together, more consistently, in a coaching frame. Looking back, to all the discussions we had, I realize it was much more than that! Dragos was, and still is, for me: a coach, a mentor, a business consultant, a relation consultant and much…MUCH more important: a living example, worth following.

His Mindfulness approach on living and being, along with his personal examples and clear proven facts were priceless for me. The combination of kindness and clarity that he had in our discussions, opened in me the fire and the drive to take action. His emphatic way and extraordinary ability of building rapport made me always feel understood, sustained and challenged through my path.

To summarize in one line…

Dragos is a Magician, feeling and knowing What to say!, When to say it! , How to say it! in order to drive the mindset change I needed.