Elena Marineci | Horia Codrean


When you start a new business there is a lot of chaos. And you feel dumb. Most chances are you really are dumb. Looking back now, I realize it is vital to have a mentor, to have somebody you can bounce with your dumb ideas, somebody who can give feedback on them and tell you that also have good ideas. This person acts like a mentor, a business partner and some sort of senior family relative, like an uncle or a godfather who motivates you no matter what. For me, this person was Dragoș and I don’t see how else I could’ve become the entrepreneur I am today without him.

And none of this would exist today without Dragos’ trust and vision. He not only saw in us a potential we were not aware of, but he also acted upon that instinct. He supported us with mentoring, recommendations and counseling. He was the one to send me and my business partner, Horia, to the workshop Empretec, hence enhancing our ambition and business perspective. He was by our side when our business compass was broken. He catalyzed our competence and our engagement, leading us to a more mature perspective. We are grateful to him, not only for our systemic growth, but for our individual one as well!

About Elena Marineci and Horia Codrean

Life after Work is the company to look for when organizing a corporate event. Be it experiential workshops, team buildings, conferences, internal program launches, or a celebration, we bring you the perfect blend between:technology, learning architecture, experience design, gamification. Since 2011, we are the European partner for The Go Game, organizing events all over the old continent.

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