Flavia Cioceanu


I found Dragos at a turning point in my life and he was the best thing that could have happened to me. Meeting such a clear person, someone who can express thoughts, ideas, states and feelings so clearly, straightforward and in a warm manner, helped me a lot. He was the one who revealed to me what was important and what I had to leave behind in order to make the next step in life and in my career. Dragos is clearly much more than a business coach, he will transpose a part of himself in each of the persons he interacts with and bring the best out of that person. There is a lot of wisdom and love coming out of every pore of Dragos’s being. Thank you for being like that.

About Flavia Cioceanu

Flavia has developed multiple skills and abilities throughout her life, from working with customers to working with animals, to creative writing, movie directing, book editing, music reviewing, SEO for websites, content writing and teaching. She is passionate about working with people and has her own social meetup group. For the moment she is an English language trainer and a writer for the music website infomusic.ro and she is aiming towards becoming a personal trainer and facilitator in many areas of personal development.