Gabriela Blaga

A heard a lot of inspiring things about Dragos from a close friend, so at the start of 2016 I contacted him as I needed a “guide” for transitioning from corporate life to freelancing and entrepreneurship. We worked together in the spring of 2016, and after a personal break, we restarted in November 2017. Dragos has a special talent to see your potential; he knows what buttons to push to motivate you grow those abilities so as to be a successful entrepreneur! His pragmatism also helped me work with my “dreamy” nature. And another essential thing: Dragos has the gift of bringing special people together. I am grateful for his trust and support and I am sure that, because of his mentoring, I will get where I want to be!

About Gabriela

I consider myself a creative project manager creativ, with extensive experience in change management. I am a good communicator; I let my personal “touch” in every project I get involved with.

I know how to organize insightful events, fully using my networking abilities. After a sabbatical, at the end of 2017, I chose to learn more about entrepreneurship (along the social type).

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