Isabela Alexe, Founder

Fundatia Comunitara Prahova

I already knew Dragoș from PACT Foundation when I started working with him, so I expected a good process but it turned out to be a great one. Dragoș guided me and my colleague in a journey that went from personal branding and creative writing to a sharp analysis of our current projects. His realistic approach helped me see and focus on the real problems of the organization, but also to make the shift to a business to business point of view in tackling new donors.  I saw in him a true mentor that puts all his work and life experience in revealing the solutions tailored to our needs and personalities. Dragos is enthusiastic about his work and has a great ability to bring to light all the advantages and possibilities that surround you.  I can say that the meetings were similar to a therapeutic process, full of fun but also with many „Aha!” moments.

In the end we had gained a friend and a lot of new tools to test for the success our organization.

About Isabela

Isabela Alexe founded and currently leads Prahova Community Foundation, a regional NGO that connects local causes and leaders with local resources in innovative projects.