Isabela Iacob


I met Dragos in a challenging moment of my professional career, when I didn’t know exactly where I am heading to. This meeting was for me life changing, as I had the opportunity to finally discover, after many years of booming career with ups and downs, which is my real life mission and how I can get to accomplish it.

Working with Dragos means being true, being authentic and honest with yourself, discovering your powers and empowering yourself to do the right things in the right time. It means taking back your wings and flying towards your dreams in the most comfortable speed for yourself. It is a journey of discovering and re-discovering yourself, letting yourself driven by your vocation. It is a path filled with hard work, enthusiasm, strength, followed by the satisfaction of seeing your talents, skills and capabilities leading you to following and achieving your dreams.

About Isabela Iacob

Isabela Iacob is an experienced financial professional. She worked for 12 years in banking in different top management positions, such as: credits, sales, marketing, product development, bancassurance. For 7 years, Isabela acted as successful CEO in management of receivables area. Currently, she is managing her own business, providing consultancy in sales and management.