Malina Chirea


I worked at an intensive pace with Dragos, in 2009, when personal development was still new to me. Dragos was my first coach, and the experience lived in his mentoring sessions transformed my perception regarding myself and my life.

Dragos helped me build my self-esteem, fix my childhood traumas and get deeper in the healing and acceptance process that was so necessary for me.

Working with him opened my eyes, heart and mind to the important aspects in my life. For my point of view, the time spent with Dragos is one of the key turning points in my personal and professional path.

About Malina Chirea

Malina Ana Chirea is a social entrepreneur since 2010, her soul project being Asociatia Initiativa pentru Fericire. She is also a personal development consultant, NLP practitioner and has extended knowledge of positive psychology.

Malina is truly passionate about personal development, studying it and practicing it for 7 years now. She has tested, during this time, various fields, from classic therapy (cognitive, Jungian, Ericksonian etc.) to neurolinguistic programming, systemic constellations, Reiki or coaching (group and individual). In 2012 she discovered positive psychology and it was “love at first sight” – it is a field that works with the individual starting with his strong points, getting him out of the negative cycle of the victim.

Malina loves her work and feels very lucky for her life. As an entrepreneur, she faces many challenges, which she values as opportunities for growth. Her personal objective is to become a better version of herself, each day, every day.