Minodora Cerin

Cultural Projects Coordinator

Just when I met Dragoș, I initiated an entrepreneurial mastermind group where I could peer problem solve some of my professional challenges. The mastermind went good, but Dragoș was great as he is an experienced professional that saw my potential better than I could and made me focus on the long-term vision. With Dragoș by my side, I also learned how to apply lean startup principles for my freelancer challenges. And that came with fun, book-loving talks, great practical instruments and great questions to reflect and act upon.

About Minodora 

Freelancer consultant in cultural management and creative problem-solving facilitator that gets very excited about helping organizations make projects that stir imagination and joy.
– 13 years’ experience as a cultural manager
– 3 years’ experience as a creative industries book editor – Noii industriași, creativii
– creativity blogger, with 80+ articles – http://traiestecreativ.ro