Mircea Criveanu


Dragos and me met at a moment in our lives when we decided that it is time to give back to people what we learned. I had the chance to co-host an event for PACT – an NGO that we both support with our experience. Further on, I took advantage of my friend’s skills when I wanted to simplify and clarify my future path. I can assure you that every moment was beneficial for me. Dragos is the mentor that enables you to bring your dreams to life.

About Mircea Criveanu

As a Customer Relationships Adviser & Marketer, Mircea’s work consists in identifying your customers, assisting you to understand them, make best use of digital & social engagement tools to further establish a dialogue between your organization and your customers and generate transactions as a result.

He has over 20 years of experience in marketing, brand identity, communication, customer experience and product management, and was involved in the growth of multinational, local and regional brands.