Miruna Leonte


I know Dragos from Bucharest Hubb, a coworking space for entrepreneurs, that once existed and was located at Unirii. Since then, we’ve crossed paths in various contexts, the most important one being the Alternative University – CROS, where I have invited him as a speaker at certain events and as a mentor and 2.0 professor for the young entrepreneurs in the business incubator developed by UA. Dragos is a true professional, a charismatic and persevering man, who constantly evolved professionally and personally. He is the kind of person who doesn’t think in terms of problems, only in solutions, ideas and new challenges. Perhaps the most interesting fact about him is that throughout his life and career, he always tried to give something back to society by supporting different educational projects and the people around him. I actually had the pleasure of having a few mentorship meetings with Dragos. As a mentor he will work closely on your objectives, he will give you all the support you need, methods, resources, courage and confidence, but in the same time he is 100% focused on real actions and results. Working with him helped me realize that there isn`t a perfect business recipe, you just have to start doing things, to be creative, to explore your ideas and see what works best.

About Miruna Leonte

I am a Marketing and Communication Enthusiast, interested in social media, entrepreneurship, personal development and graphic facilitation. I have contributed and been involved in numerous projects, from NGO’s, business ventures to social businesses.