Oana Grecea


Before choosing Dragos as a mentor and spending a couple of sessions with him, I have ”followed” him for a while: conferences, workshops, classes, online research. I admired him for telling the facts as they were and for his charisma (he has a way to swoon the audience pretty fast). Then, I happened to write an article for BIZ magazine, about mentors and their mentees, and his “students” told me how they followed his advice and went on the right path through his guidance. In the few mentoring sessions that we had, my project was still in its early stages, so he helped me by making me see the ideas from all

the perspectives and challenging all the possibilities. I think he tested me by saying that I have a fixed idea and maybe I should change domains. I didn’t give up and now I’m following my passion, producing video content for the food industry, especially for my website Retete TV (http://retetetv.ro/despre-noi/), a short video recipes website, destined for busy people.

About Oana Grecea

Oana Grecea is a mother, journalist, blogger, and very passionate about all the things and stories that happen in a kitchen. She is the founder of Retete TV as she believes that “anyone can cook” and it’s easier to do the cooking while following a video.