Raluca Maria Georgescu


What I love about working with Dragos, besides his instant-effect professionalism, is his humanity.

Each meeting gave me clarity, direction, a lot of productive instruments, and a higher vision.

All of the above helped me act with more ease, decision and efficiency in my projects and learn to focus on what matters, at each step, instead of doing it all at once.

Learning to plan and prioritize helped me finish a financing project that completely destabilized me before meeting Dragos. Also, he helped me correctly value my work and start positioning myself as an expert, which meant tripling my fees and my clients appreciating me more.

I could now make the difference between hobby and business, what can be scaled and what can’t.

The journey is still progressing, but the fact that I have an ”exterior” eye to call everything out, helps me confidently move forward.

About Raluca

I’m Raluca Maria Georgescu and I bring magic in this world.

I love connecting people to themselves so they can pay more attention to their life, be fulfilled and happier and I do this through two vital ways: art and movement.

At Rou’Wellness I help people reach their preferred shape through personalized fitness training, nutrition and mindfulness.

At Rou’Atelier I personalize objects and textiles with painting, prints and words of wisdom. Part of the profit goes to charities working with sick / vulnerable children in Romania. So, the person makes a soulful gift to him/herself, but also contributes to the community.

Contact me at contact@ralucageorgescu.life