Razvan Daba


Dragos is an amazing guy, he has a fascinating background and an in depth knowledge of business. Our meeting was an eye opener for me, because Dragos made it simple for me to understand what I had to do. For example I told him that sales are difficult, he said they aren’t, you have to make a sales plan and stick to it. And he told me everything I needed to know about this. Also the whole lean business approach is very useful for a start up. So if you are a freelancer or an entrepreneur contact Dragos, he will make things simple for you, so you can succeed.

About Razvan Daba

I am fascinated by public speaking, this is why I started six years ago Speakers’ Arena. It is now the largest community of public speakers in Romania. Speakers’ Arena is in seven cities in Romania and in London and Amsterdam. Our goal is to become better speakers through practice; this is why we meet regularly to practice speaking in public. We had over 3000 participants at our meetings and 1000 speeches.