Stefana Popa


Dragoș is one of the pillars of growth for the incubator107 project. He is first of all one of our main trainers in the Quit your Job annual program, bringing forth his personal professional experience, tools and advice on following a specific calling and on turning that calling into a career that bring both satisfaction and wealth. In 2013 he offered to all incubator107 teams (from different cities in Romania) a sales workshop that aimed to develop the B2B sector of the project. This workshop made us more aware of the strengths and potential of the project, helped us acquire specific skills of pitching, negotiating and keeping clients by sustaining an authentic, win-win relationship with our clients. In addition to all mentioned above, Dragoș offered vocational mentoring meetings with the coordinating team of the project, which made us realize that it was time to dedicate our full energy to the project. We then raised the costs of our workshops and the coordinators became the employees of the project. This vision of our own life motivated us and brought us closer to our own calling.

About incubator107

incubator107 is the place where anyone can learn and teach anybody anything. Our main values are non formal education, community and passion. incubator107 encourages people to discover their passions and to follow their vocation. The project is implemented in 8 cities in Romania and aims to become international.