Vlad Andrei


Ikedoo is nowadays a leader in experiential education and one of the pioneers of global education change according to the Lego Foundation. Our story began in 2011 when we were experimenting with a new paradigm for children’s education. I started working with Dragos in 2012, when we wanted to go from playing to implementing. We used to be 4, now there are 30 people in our team. The systematic collaboration with Dragos was rather short (less than a year), as it was highly efficient. I can compare working with Dragos with the relationship between a parent and a child who learns to ride the bike. At first he’s like “Hey, don’t let me fall!”, then it reaches the “Look, no hands!” moment. Apart from the constant encouragement, Dragos taught us how to concentrate on what really mattered in a young organization and he conveyed his passion for a disciplined implementation. I do believe that these are the only things that give results in the incubating phase. I may be biased while remembering all those times, but the fact that the memories are still with me, after all those years, validate, once again, that they’re true, so I’m really proud to write them down.
Happy start-uping!

About Vlad Andrei

Vlad is the CEO and co-founder of IKEDOO Institute. He has an experience of over 10 years in management and business administration. His curiosity has always driven him to the edge of knowledge, making him receptive to the constant flow of information and how this flow creates original ideas. He always wanted to learn new things, but the Romanian educational system didn’t nurture his interest. He discovered what he liked on his own, becoming a self-taught enthusiast. His perfect summer in childhood seems to have been straight out of Mark Twain’s books, a summer with hills, apples, nuts, river and a forest. IKEDOO is one big adventure for him that fulfills his life, especially because he can apply what he has observed from many readings.