(some of my opinions after the second Iscoditor meeting)

1. [ut_highlight color=”#ff6e00″]The coach’s attitude is one of trust, patience and neutrality.[/ut_highlight] You trust your client for finding his own best solutions, through repeated tries. You have patience for him to find those solutions and make decisions, even if you think you have better ones. You have an attitude of benevolent neutrality so as not to put pressure on your client, but you are the silent witness who keeps helping him on the road of searching and finding.

2. The coach is responsible for the process and focus, and the client on content and action.

3. [ut_highlight color=”#ff6e00″]The client is indeed the expert in his issue.[/ut_highlight] He has access to all the necessary resources to find the proper solution and to make it happen.

4. [ut_highlight color=”#ff6e00″]The actions and results of the client are useful no matter the results.[/ut_highlight] If what he has proposed for himself turns out as he wanted, we learn from what went well. If not, we acknowledge the blockages and limits on the road and we further act accordingly. Or sometimes we start thinking whether we should change objectives.

5. We can’t know if the objective and solutions are good or not, achievable or not, but the only way in finding out is to test them, and change the test based on results, continuing with this until we obtain the wanted results.

[ut_highlight color=”#ff6e00″]Think. Act. Change.[/ut_highlight]