After three years of constantly using Facebook I ended up checking my wall 20-30 times a day and live all my experiences as the next status update.

I didn’t even end the experience and, in my mind, I was already writing the post and thought about how many likes and comments that one would bring.

My need for appreciation made me addicted to the simulacrum of appreciation presented through likes.

Any time I had a break, even when waiting for the green light, I used to feverously open the app and check through the posts of almost 4700 somewhat-unknown “friends” I had in my feed.

The negative comments highly irritated me, I fought with haters, ruined my whole day because of a comment like that.

A few close friends tried to make me aware of it, that I was losing control and I was getting addicted, but I used to throw them a look so they would swallow their words.

Facebook was my only true friend, my addict mind screamed.

It understood me, never left me, was always with me, giving me love and support.

I was out of it, what more can I say?

So, one day, I made the decision to wake up and regain control of my life.

I transformed my profile to a business page, so the 4700 “friends” became “fans”, I made a new profile where I accepted only close friends, I made an agreement with myself not to check FB more than once a day, and more importantly, I deleted the iPhone app.

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My learnings


In less than one month from this decision I could see the positive effects already.

Now I go out with my friends more, to dinner or coffee (3-4 times a week), I am more aware of my experiences (not thinking about what to post), I pay attention to my driving (not my Facebook), I am calm (I’m not aggressed by FB messages and comments anymore) and, the biggest thing, I search for love and appreciation where it’s worth searching. In the eyes and hearts of the dear people surrounding me.

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Did you have a similar experience? What did you learn?