It’s been more than a month since, inspired by Geneena Roth’s books, I decided to eat only when I’m hungry. Hungry, not just craving. The hunger that you feel in your body, not in your mind.

I put a motivational poster on my fridge and started the awareness process. It’s not easy. For instance, I had a while of repeating in my mind, whenever I was eating: food is just a nutrient, not a substitute for love.

[ut_highlight color=”#ff6e00″]Now, after a month or so of small failures and victories, I can see some positive changes that I can celebrate together with you: [/ut_highlight]

  1. I eat in the mornings. I didn’t use to eat anything until lunch. And I started enjoying almond milk and cereals.
  2. I eat less. I started to pay attention and know when I am already full, in order to stop, even though there’s still food on the plate (I take it to go) or I feel the need for something sweet (I ask for a hug instead).
  3. I eat regularly. I realized that if I listen to my body, I feel hungry between: 09:30-10:30, 13:30-14:30, 18:30-19:30. No idea why my hunger strikes between fixed hours 🙂
  4. I eat healthier. A lot of the old cravings started disappearing since I’ve been paying attention to my body’s reactions when I’m satisfying them. The cravings are still there, but there’s not compulsive, if I talk to them, they keep quite. I realize in a much clearer way when my body needs something and when my mind desires it.
  5. I eat at peace. I sit at a table (not sitting like I used to), I keep quite all around (not reading or watching movies), I eat slowly and pay attention to what I feel.
  6. I didn’t lose weight, but didn’t gain it either. I eat what I want without trying to keep whatever strict diet created by some specialists. I just need to pay attention to my sensations, my feelings, thoughts, and connections before and during the meal.

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Did you have a similar experience? What did you learn?