The first weekend of June will be a good one as Otilia Mantelers and Gaspar Gyorgy invited Esther Perel in Bucharest, to present The Shadows of Intimacy. Who is Esther Perel? Well, you’ve probably seen her TED Talks, if not pause and watch this:

Esther is a one of a kind psychotherapist and relationship therapist, and the 4th of June is a great occasion to meet her and work hands-on while discovering your own erotic intelligence. During the conference she will share with the audience ideas about how to maintain sexual desire and the success of the relationship in a busy and technology-filled world.

As the organizers say: “We love the The Shadows of Intimacy metaphor and we used it to name Esther Perel’s conference in Romania. It refers to the fact that sexuality is the common ground of a couple, where both partners meet with all the love and passion they have for each other. In the same time, they also bring together the emotional legacy of the family life they had as children with their own parents, a legacy that influences their sex life and intimacy. We can metaphorically conclude that there are 6 people in the bedroom: the 2 partners and their respective parents.”

All the details for subcribing can be found here. I highly recommend it!