Finding your own voice and authenticity is always a quest and a challenge. I believe that everybody should work in that direction, though.

My friend Paul Dumitru is organizing an event that I highly recommend, which deals with precisely that – liberating your voice, finding your voice.

Or as the organizers say:

“What if your voice could reflect your personal power? And what if, through your voice, you would gain the energy, strength and confidence to express who you are?

We invite you to join a two days workshop (June 4-5, 2016) – a dynamic self-discovering experience. You will learn how to use your voice as a tool for your personal growth, self trust and freedom. Let’s just allow ourselves to be open and vulnerable.”

Couldn’t agree more!

What is the Liberated Voice?

“The Liberated Voice is an original method developed by Kefas Berlin in decades of work with hundreds of different voices, from the so called ”tone deaf” and frightened ”non-singers”, to the occasional and professional singers that may have lost their pleasure and freedom. Its aim is to help you discover your true voice and through it to better know yourself.

Through a unique combination of Breathing exercises, Movement and Voice sessions, in an atmosphere of trust and playfulness, this workshop will help you to release and eliminate the physical and mental tensions and blockages that affect your voice and therefore your persona. It’s about overcoming the internal structures that don’t allow you to use your voice at its full range, keeping you away from the strength and genuine joy that come along with it.”

Here all the details you need to know to join. Go ahead! 🙂